So, I Wrote This Book…

For as long as I can remember, my imagination has been the strongest thing about me.  It has carried me through tough times, college years riddled with social anxiety and the shocking realities of adulthood.  It’s usually what goes first when we move from the fantasies of our childhood to the joys of taking care of things like car insurance or grocery shopping or searching for answers to questions like, “Is it cheaper to buy toilet paper on Amazon?”  I had a chance, a little later than most, to take an adventure, to study for my Master’s degree in London.  What a city!  It unlocked a door that had been jammed shut for some time.  A beautiful muse, she led me to begin writing.  The Flying Furniture existed before as a series of sketches, small paintings and a short children’s book my husband, Ryan, wrote several years earlier.  People loved the quirky Victorian chairs and divans and their fancy balloons.  We always had questions:  What do they do?  Where did they come from?  We never had answers until London.  She gave us everything we needed and on a sunny day, hiking in Richmond Park, I started writing them down.  It was simultaneously easy and difficult.  They evolved into beautiful, rich beings as I wove the web of storyline connecting them.  Henry Worthen and his faithful Union Jack, his love for the sweet Lucy Martin and his abundance of goodness mixed with self-doubt leapt from the fabric of my imagination onto the pages of my beaten-up black notebook.  Soon that notebook was full and with it came random pages from my journal, worksheets from school scribbled with quotes and descriptions of scenes and even a napkin or two (excuse me, a serviette).  Over the next two years through graduation, a bittersweet move back to the United States, a difficult pregnancy and the birth of our son, I put the pieces together and wrote a novel; an entire novel.  It sits here in front of me, in its blue folder, 205 pages of late nights, afternoons in the courtyard of St. Dunstan in the East, rainy mornings in my Camden flat, morning sickness and days when the grandparents were babysitting my son.  When I read it in its entirety for the first time, I surprised myself.  I began to cry.  I, for once, loved what I had created (my son excluded- he’s pretty fantastic).

One year later, I decided it was time to share it.  Publishing a book is easy; there are a variety of platforms now for eBooks and companies that will print paperbacks for a moderate price.  Publishing it is easy; getting it seen is NOT.  We’ve navigated the waters of social media and search engine marketing in our leaky little boat, missing an oar (which may be why we keep going around in circles).  I know that I have done something worthwhile and I know that, perhaps, it could mean something to someone else.  I’m not claiming to be the next JK Rowling but I know that my husband and I are on to something.  SO…

We launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of our brand.  It will include the first edition paperbacks of novel 1, The Adventures of the Flying Furniture: The Return of the Great Flyer , building a website where other folks can order books, making sure the almighty Google knows we exist and helping to pay my wonderful editors and artists creating amazing images for the book and web.  We are also developing a curriculum for classrooms and homeschool co-ops to incorporate into their studies.

Keep an eye on the blog here.  Beginning tomorrow, I will have excerpts from the book and character profiles to further entice you, the future readers.  And most of all… consider making a pledge to our Kickstarter Campaign through October 24, 2018.  You get signed books, artwork, golden flyer pins, and other treasures.  You get to be the beginning of something truly great!  Search Flying Furniture Adventures on Flying Furniture Adventures on Kickstarter 


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