And so begins our story…

As promised, I will be sharing bits of the first novel in the series, The Adventures of the Flying Furniture: The Return of the Great Flyer. We begin with an ill-fated voyage.  The HMS Duke of Edgefield is in peril and Captain Jack Worthen must insure his precious cargo reaches its destination.  What is this mysterious object… well…that’s for you to find out.  Score a first edition, signed copy of the first novel with your pledge to our Kickstarter Campaign through October 24, 2018 and enjoy a rich story full of secrets, answers and unexpected twists.  Here is a tidbit from the novel’s forward…

“The clouds swirled angrily across the stone-grey sky, swallowing the remaining rays of afternoon sun, casting a blackish hue over the choppy waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The wind howled and shook the ship’s masts as the sailors scurried frantically across the wooden deck to prepare the ship for the oncoming storm. The frightened but steadfast crew members hastily rolled and tied the sails and moved the remaining cargo to the hull of the rocking ship.  The HMS Duke of Edgefield rocked back and forth as it quickly approached the pass between Morocco and the southern-most tip of Spain. Captain Jack Worthen held tightly to the wheel , steadying the old frigate against the crashing waves.  He smoothed his black hair back from his damp face and breathed deeply. With weary eyes, he glanced starboard and could see the Scotsman in the distance. “There you are, old friend,” he whispered to himself as he gripped the wheel so tightly, he could barely feel his fingers. The Edgefield, no longer a registered warship, carried a most precious cargo en route from Cairo, Egypt to the Docklands of London under absolute secrecy; per orders of her Majesty, Queen Victoria.

Captain Worthen had left his fighting days behind to become a seeker of truths.  The world held many treasures; keys to unlocking the very nature of all life; the great meaning behind all things.  Jack Worthen was a champion of the Crown, seeking these immeasurable treasures to bring peace to all mankind. The storm grew stronger as the seasoned captain nervously maneuvered the rocky, jagged coastline of Gibraltar.  The narrow pass had proven a formidable enemy to many a ship; the ocean bottom littered with splintered hulls and lost souls. The Scotsman cut through the dense sheet of rain, released the air from his patchwork tartan balloon and landed with a thud on the deck of the Edgefield.  Captain Worthen quickly instructed the first mate, a stocky little Irishman named Corwin, to hold the wheel steady, keeping the bow at a forty-five degree angle to the Morroccan coastline.  The captain quickly jumped onto the deck, reaching inside his thick blue coat.  He yelled to the Scotsman through the wailing winds and thunder, “Watch over my son!” Wiping salty tears from his already dripping face, he pulled out a small golden pin; a chair with outstretched wings and a metal tube containing a bit of parchment.  Captain Worthen slipped the pin inside, sealed the tube and fastened it to the thick, scuffed arm of the Scotsman.  “Godspeed, old friend, ” the captain whispered as he watched the Scotsman disappear into the dark, angry clouds, headed due north toward England…

What happens to the Captain, what is the Scotsman carrying?  So many questions but even more answers to come in The Return of the Great Flyer!  Pledge to our Kickstarter Campaign today!


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