Writing vs. Life

First disclaimer, there isn’t an image with this blog because the hotel wifi won’t upload anything other than text.  Today’s events have brought me to a serious realization; sometimes writing and life don’t gel.

The backstory:

I have the day off.  I am prepared to write, update my Kickstarter campaign, do some work on social media and cook a great dinner for my family…with laundry and dishes done.   My apartment starts to smell like I mopped the floor with acetone, particularly in my son’s room as I am laying him down for his nap.  I see workers leaving my neighbor’s apartment wearing respirators… well, poop.  I decide to head with my son to Circle (known to the rest of the world as Target) and kill some time, hoping the noxious fumes will dissipate and I can resume my daily tasks.

After 2 hours at Circle (spending an undisclosed amount of money on things I don’t need) and 45 minutes at Donald’s (known to the rest of the world as McDonald’s), I return home to find the smell worse than before to the point my son starts complaining that his head and stomach both hurt.  Yay!  My neighbor has apparently decided to have her bathtub refinished and walls painted with oil-based paint without proper ventilation.  I could A. stay home and start hallucinating about purple donkeys and listening to my refrigerator sing Smiths songs or B. Get my son out of a potentially dangerous situation and get a hotel room.   I chose B.  We have a large retail buyer’s market going on this week, meaning there are virtually ZERO hotel rooms available near home.  After a bit of travel and four chocolate chip cookies, I am here in our noxious fume-free hotel room.  My son is currently rolling on the floor, refusing to sleep.

Writing is a very complex action. It comes to some quite naturally but still requires a modicum of effort.  Life always seems to insert itself right in the middle of the creative flow.  I applaud writers who can work while being stay-at-home parents, who write after working a full or part-time job all day or while attending school.  All the dishes, extra shifts, trips to the grocery store, or inconsiderate neighbors can be taxing and most definitely be stifling.  On the upside, having completed a novel despite relocating back to the US from England, having a difficult pregnancy, postpartum depression, a full-time job with opposite hours than my husband, and a fear of rejection, makes me all the prouder of it.  The Adventures of the Flying Furniture: The Return of the Great Flyer was no modest feat and I am truly, truly excited to be on the cusp of publishing.  No re-enameled bathtubs or slow hotel wifi can take that away.

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Character Development…

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Each character in The Return of the Great Flyer is an amalgam of attributes from people I know or have met at some point in my existence.  There are bits of myself swirled in there as well.  I was thinking recently about what character of mine I identify with the strongest.  I thought about it for a few hours and went back to writing the last chapter of the book.  It took me a bit to figure it out; Henry is who I need to be but is mostly a patchwork of people I have loved very deeply.  Lucy is who I want to be.  Kind, understanding, nurturing and talented.  People can’t help but like her.  Her warm light and gentle nature is infecting.  She is the best of people with an old soul and enormous open heart.  I am definitely not Roman Hatfield; not too many sociopathic tendencies and I have no desire to overthrow anything or anyone.  I would, however, like to hypnotize a few people and trick them into doing all my housework.  I finally, after hours of analyzing, realized which character I identify with the most.  It was surprising and may be difficult to articulate to those who haven’t read the book and don’t know me very well.  Of all the characters… I am Myra.

Myra Hatfield just wants to belong somewhere.  She has nothing in common with the debutantes in her high society social circle.  Money is their only commonality.  She is a pariah because she isn’t strikingly beautiful and has different interests than those she is forced to associate with.  Myra is clever, funny and sweet.  She is also painfully awkward.  She spends most of her life in love with Henry who sees her as a nuisance.  She is the character who will surprise readers the most.  Myra has an untapped reservoir of strength and courage.  Her heart is true and she longs to do what is right and good.  The unfortunate dilemma Myra faces, is a shaky and questionable loyalty to her father.  She knows what he is planning is terribly wrong.  She loves her father as he is her only remaining relative.  He has cared for her to the best of his abilities and provided her with a quality education and a plethra of cultural experiences.  Who does she choose? Henry or her father, Roman?  One lesson to learn here is to NEVER count out Myra Hatfield!

I may not have the same issues Myra faces but I think we are kindred spirits in the way that I know what it is to feel differently than everyone else.  I occasionally have different interests in everything from films to music to my intense need to get one of those giant domestic cats.  I have odd views on religion and politics and way too often, give people the benefit of the doubt.  There are many, many Myra’s out there, searching for their tribe.  Best of luck to them all.  I am living proof that occasionally, weird pays off…

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Lucy, meet Jack…Jack, meet Lucy…

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Here is another excerpt from the book where Lucy Martin meets the Union Jack for the first time.  She is surprised but quickly warms to the idea of magical flying furniture.  After all, who wouldn’t?

“Lucy! Give me your hand!” Henry shouted, grabbing her as they both jumped onto Jack’s seat.

Lucy stared wide-eyed at Henry. “What!? What in the devil is this going to do?” she pointed down toward the chair, puzzled.  Darnell was holding his jaw, struggling to get onto his feet.  Henry knew they did not have long. He straightened his hat and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.  “Jack! Let’s fly!” he shouted. The great chair’s balloon exploded into the alleyway and lifted the pair upward above the adjacent buildings. Darnell stumbled backwards and cursed the pair as they flew out of his reach and over the rooftops of the high street, toward the river. Lucy clung tightly to Henry as Jack struggled a bit to lift his two passengers and the bulky load of fabric for the Scotsman.

Noticeably frightened, Lucy turned to Henry, still holding tightly to his waist.  “What’s happening?” she cried. “We’re flying,” Henry replied with a chuckle.  Lucy blinked and shook her blonde head. “I know that but what is the meaning of all this?” she asked shakily as Jack hit a small pocket of wind over the Thames.

Henry smiled and patted Jack on the back. “Lucy, meet Jack.  Jack, meet Lucy,” he said nearly out of breath. He paused for moment, then placed his hand on Lucy’s shoulder.  He felt the tension in her subside. “I was in as much disbelief the first time Jack and I met.  All I have to say is that there is magic in this world, Lucy.  This is magic.  Jack found me and that changed everything,” he said holding her tightly.  He was pleased beyond measure to share this with her.  He did not like keeping secrets from those he cared for. She shivered a bit, so he opened the front of his overcoat and wrapped it around her narrow shoulders.  She smiled up at him, the skirt of her blue striped dress waving in the wind as they flew.

Lucy closed her eyes for a moment and drew a deep breath.  She opened them again and looked out over the horizon.  She could see all of London and it was marvelous.  She looked again at Henry who gave her a sweet smile. “I always knew there was magic.  I just never thought I would experience it.  Thank you, Henry, for rescuing me.  I knew you were special from the first moment we met,” she said softly then buried her head in Henry’s chest.

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Henry Worthen & The Union Jack


My husband, Ryan, created the Flying Furniture images several years ago.  They began as sketches which he refined as digital art pieces.  Everywhere we took them, people were intrigued.  With each new sketch, I grew more and more eager to give them a story.  The first of them was The Union Jack, a quirky but wise Queen Anne chair with a worn gilded finish and a large balloon of crimson and gold.  He proudly flies his namesake, the Union Jack flag, as his banner.  He is a proud sort of fellow but loyal and steadfast.  Jack enters Henry’s life at a pivotal moment.

Henry Worthen has always been without an identity.  His father was a Captain in the Royal Navy but always somewhat of a joke amongst those in London’s high society and the ranks of the British military.  Henry’s mother married a wealthy aristocrat and inserted herself into elite society, something she had coveted since being married to Henry’s father.  Henry has no desire to be a part of his mother and stepfather’s world.  He cares nothing for debutantes, fancy dress or titles.  He is a dreamer and inventor, much like his father.  He knows, in the back of his mind, that he might possibly be meant to do something extraordinary but a childhood accident left him with a slight physical handicap.  His rather progressive views on politics and social welfare make him even more of an outcast.

Enter Jack…  when a mysterious crate arrives at Henry’s dusty old clock loft, he is curious and completely caught off-guard by its contents.  Jack brings with him such magic and a connection that Henry has been desperately seeking for as long as he could remember.  Jack leads him on a quest for lost artifacts and introduces Henry to a secret world, hidden just out of sight of the normal folks that carry on with their day-to-day affairs.

In creating Henry Worthen, I did not want a traditional hero or protagonist.  He is not without flaws.  He is riddled with self-doubt, a weakness Jack must help him overcome.  He has allowed a physical handicap to make him feel unworthy of positive attention, of being proud, and of love, especially Lucy Martin’s. Henry is reminiscent of Adam Ewing in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas; the reluctant hero.  He is not particularly strong, more cute,fellow-next-door looking than smolderingly handsome and is a bit of a nerd.  In subsequent novels, readers can expect to see a darker side of Henry as certain secrets about his past are revealed.  I gave him life, constructing his character from bits and pieces of people I have known but also from bits and pieces of myself and my husband. He is very dear to me and felt as warm and alive as the person sitting next to me on the tube as I wrote.  He and Jack had to compliment one another but not always agree.  Jack pushes Henry’s boundaries as far as what is safe and comfortable.  He forces him to grow into a man with honor and integrity who is willing to fight for what is good and just instead of a wandering spirit, searching for some meaning behind his existence.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a storyteller.  Much like my late grandmother, I enjoy a good story; tales of mystery and intrigue.  I am also bad about tangents!  My husband stays irritated at me about my ability to get from point A to point B in a conversation without taking a side trip to a whole other alphabet.  I did not want straightforward relationships between the novel’s characters.  I like the tangents, the web where everyone is connected in some way to the other, whether directly or round the block three times and back again.  I am beyond excited to finally share them all with the world.  Please consider pledging to the novel’s Kickstarter Campaign through October 24th and follow Flying Furniture Adventures for more character profiles and excerpts from the first and second novels.

And so begins our story…

As promised, I will be sharing bits of the first novel in the series, The Adventures of the Flying Furniture: The Return of the Great Flyer. We begin with an ill-fated voyage.  The HMS Duke of Edgefield is in peril and Captain Jack Worthen must insure his precious cargo reaches its destination.  What is this mysterious object… well…that’s for you to find out.  Score a first edition, signed copy of the first novel with your pledge to our Kickstarter Campaign through October 24, 2018 and enjoy a rich story full of secrets, answers and unexpected twists.  Here is a tidbit from the novel’s forward…

“The clouds swirled angrily across the stone-grey sky, swallowing the remaining rays of afternoon sun, casting a blackish hue over the choppy waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The wind howled and shook the ship’s masts as the sailors scurried frantically across the wooden deck to prepare the ship for the oncoming storm. The frightened but steadfast crew members hastily rolled and tied the sails and moved the remaining cargo to the hull of the rocking ship.  The HMS Duke of Edgefield rocked back and forth as it quickly approached the pass between Morocco and the southern-most tip of Spain. Captain Jack Worthen held tightly to the wheel , steadying the old frigate against the crashing waves.  He smoothed his black hair back from his damp face and breathed deeply. With weary eyes, he glanced starboard and could see the Scotsman in the distance. “There you are, old friend,” he whispered to himself as he gripped the wheel so tightly, he could barely feel his fingers. The Edgefield, no longer a registered warship, carried a most precious cargo en route from Cairo, Egypt to the Docklands of London under absolute secrecy; per orders of her Majesty, Queen Victoria.

Captain Worthen had left his fighting days behind to become a seeker of truths.  The world held many treasures; keys to unlocking the very nature of all life; the great meaning behind all things.  Jack Worthen was a champion of the Crown, seeking these immeasurable treasures to bring peace to all mankind. The storm grew stronger as the seasoned captain nervously maneuvered the rocky, jagged coastline of Gibraltar.  The narrow pass had proven a formidable enemy to many a ship; the ocean bottom littered with splintered hulls and lost souls. The Scotsman cut through the dense sheet of rain, released the air from his patchwork tartan balloon and landed with a thud on the deck of the Edgefield.  Captain Worthen quickly instructed the first mate, a stocky little Irishman named Corwin, to hold the wheel steady, keeping the bow at a forty-five degree angle to the Morroccan coastline.  The captain quickly jumped onto the deck, reaching inside his thick blue coat.  He yelled to the Scotsman through the wailing winds and thunder, “Watch over my son!” Wiping salty tears from his already dripping face, he pulled out a small golden pin; a chair with outstretched wings and a metal tube containing a bit of parchment.  Captain Worthen slipped the pin inside, sealed the tube and fastened it to the thick, scuffed arm of the Scotsman.  “Godspeed, old friend, ” the captain whispered as he watched the Scotsman disappear into the dark, angry clouds, headed due north toward England…

What happens to the Captain, what is the Scotsman carrying?  So many questions but even more answers to come in The Return of the Great Flyer!  Pledge to our Kickstarter Campaign today!